E-CUBE Strategy Consultants

The top-level Management consulting firm
exclusively dedicated to energy
and environmental challenges.




Energy & environmentEnergie

Supporting the energy industry (utilities, oil companies, companies in the field of renewable energies) by anticipating and advising on the evolution of its business environment: market, regulation, competition and technology.
Supporting businesses and public authorities in the reassessment their strategy in order to integrate the challenges and opportunities of an environmental new deal.

• Anticipating the impact of changes in regulation
• Operational performance
• Controlling the risks of the energy market
• Organizing trading and portfolio management activities
• Upstream-downstream governance and transfer price management
• Netback value
• Strategy for new market entry
• Price-setting innovation
• Marketing new offers
• Development of value added services, beyond energy supply
• Smart meters
• Development and governance of Renewable Energy activities



Supporting stakeholders in the automotive, railway, air transportation, shipping and logistics industries in their strategic (corporate strategy, M&A), regulatory and operational projects.
Supporting industry leaders in reassessing their strategy in order to integrate the challenges of digitalization and the opportunities of an environmental new deal.
• Reorienting business models
• Establishing templates for the scissors effect of eco-responsible supply and demand
• Driving innovation
• Driving sustainable performance
• Governance of sustainable development
• Marketing “green” products
• Partnership strategies
• Eco-construction projects
• Definition and implementation of energy efficiency programs
• Optimizing energy mixes
• Developing Renewable Energy self-production
• Waste valorization



Running growth strategy or performance enhancement projects for infrastructure managers and operators. Supporting investment funds in their acquisitions.
• Strategic analysis
• Driving R&D
• Road to market
• Partnerships as part of the sales strategy
• Marketing of products and services
• Operational excellence
• Benchmarking of acquisition options
• Search for financial and strategic partners
• R&D partnerships

Our scope of services

Strategy & Due Diligence

  • Development opportunity assessment
  • Growth driver identification
  • Business units review
  • Global Market studies
  • Partnership strategy
  • Due diligence

Competition & Regulation

  • Litigation
  • Asset valuation
  • Competition audits
  • Lobbying and regulatory strategy
  • Regulated tariffs
  • Cost modeling

Eco-strategy & Risk management

  • Reorienting business models
  • Driving sustainable performance
  • Governance of sustainable development
  • Definition and implementation of energy efficiency programs
  • Energy market risk mitigation

Governance, organization & performance

  • Benchmark organization/best practice/governance (upstream, midstream, downstream, trading, retail, …) and G&A
  • Operational excellence
  • Upstream/downstream governance
  • Renewable energy governance
  • Trading, portfolio management organization
  • Research and development performance

Value added PMO

  • Support collective steering for projects with public support
  • Prepare top level management seminars and training material
  • Formalize investment cases
  • Formalize lobbying files & presentations


  • Definition of R & I investment themes
  • Design of the innovation organization
  • Establishment of internal incubators / accelerators
  • Stratégie de corporate venturing
  • Corporate Venturing Strategy
  • Sourcing / evaluation of start-up partners
  • Structuring / Negotiation of Strategic Partnerships
  • Design of innovative business models
  • Project structuring (staffing, roadmap, governance, …)
  • Strategic and operational coaching of projects
  • Direct project management (in exploratory phases)
  • POC / rapid prototyping
  • Support for portfolio decisions (M & A, spin-off, …)

Pricing & Costing

  • Pricing innovation
  • Net-Back Value model
  • Regulated tariffs
  • Cost modeling
  • Product/service margin calculation
  • Scissors effect of supply and demand