E-CUBE Strategy Consultants

The top-level Management consulting firm
exclusively dedicated to energy
and environmental challenges.




Energy & environmentEnergie

Supporting the energy industry (utilities, oil companies, companies in the field of renewable energies) by anticipating and advising on the evolution of its business environment: market, regulation, competition and technology. Supporting businesses and public authorities in the reassessment their strategy in order to integrate the challenges and opportunities of an environmental new deal.



Supporting stakeholders in the automotive, railway, air transportation, shipping and logistics industries in their strategic (corporate strategy, M&A), regulatory and operational projects. Supporting industry leaders in reassessing their strategy in order to integrate the challenges of digitalization and the opportunities of an environmental new deal.



Running growth strategy or performance enhancement projects for infrastructure managers and operators. Supporting investment funds in their acquisitions. 

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E-CUBE Strategy Consultants in a nutshell


E-CUBE Strategy Consultants was created in early 2009 out of the will of strategy consulting professionals to put their expertise to work for private companies and public authorities, helping them address two of the main challenges of the 21st century: energy & environment and mobility issues.

E-CUBE Strategy Consultants’ positioning, at the crossroads of top-management consulting and specific industry expertise in energy, mobility and infrastructure issues makes it unique in its class.

E-CUBE Strategy Consultants offers a  team of professionals 100% dedicated to new energy and mobility challenges.

From the outset, E-CUBE Strategy Consultants positioned itself as a forerunner on Eco-strategy. E-CUBE has developed a specific set of tools and methods designed to support businesses and public authorities in the reassessment of their activities in the context of a new deal for energy, environmental and digital issues.

E-CUBE Strategy Consultants is recognized in the consulting market for the quality of expertise, performance, flexibility and listening skills of its teams.